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Ritessens cosmetics is born from the enthusiasm and passion for the natural benefits of the plant and vegetal world of a “pharmacist Galenist”Chakib Hakimi and a chemical engineer plant lovers Claude Lucas.

With their experience, they decided to pool their expertise together to develop a line of "Natural and Organic" cosmetics using Morocco’s wealth as rare as precious: The Argan oil.





Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan tree nut, a secular old tree facing extinction that is exclusively located in the southwestern of Morocco.

Ritessens oil production is handmade and mostly produce by Moroccan cooperative composed by women only. The aim of this program is economic and social. This project follows two goals, on one side to enhance and improve women’s countryside condition and on the other hand to protect and develop Argan forest with a long term vision.

With a high degree of omega 6 and E vitamin, Argan oil is widely used in traditional pharmacopoeia since many years by berberes womens for his cosmetics values: it revitalizes and hydrates the skin to be effective against aging.

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At the crossing path of ancient beauty legacy and the most modern technique Ritessens is born.

Ritessens intends to preserve such values and benefits, protection and security by offering ethical products labeled, with high standard and quality.

Offered in an elegant and luxury packaging, let yourself seduced by his intoxicating scents and his unique cosmetic textures.
 Access to your glamour nature, with Ritessens "Réveillez le Bio Chic de votre beauté".

Ritessens' bio creme